Sapphire FirePro 2270 1GB Graphics Card

Sapphire FirePro 2270 1GB Graphics Card

To begin with, Employees in many industries need two computer monitors to successfully display. And interact with information they need to get the job done. And also, To meet their needs, IT needs a flexible professional graphics solution that’s compatible. With the variety of displays and computing systems they happen to have on hand.

Furthermore, AMD FirePro 2270 professional graphics are capable of driving two 30” high resolution DisplayPort, DVI or VGA displays. With a low-profile design, the AMD FirePro 2270 can be deploy in a wide range of systems. From notebook docking stations to small form factor desktops to large tower workstations.

Dual-View Support

Expands field of view across two 30″ high resolution DisplayPort, DVI or VGA displays displays, allowing users to interact with multiple applications simultaneously, see images in more detail and improve workflow productivity.

Low Power Consumption

AMD FirePro 2270 professional graphics with 512MB DDR3 memory consumes 15W max power, suitable for deployment in smaller energy efficient systems.

Passive Cooling

Optimal cooling solution helps increase MTBF, enabling higher reliability and stability.

Ease of Deployment

Unified Driver Architecture delivers the stability and reliability demanded by professional users, as well as the convenience and ease of maintenance vital for IT. Low profile design allows installation in the smallest form factors, notebook docking stations or full height systems

PCIe x1 Interface

The PCIe x1 interface is compatible with PCIe x1, PCIe x4, PCIe x8, PCIe x16 slots, and makes it easy to pair two (or more) AMD FirePro 2270 cards together to support more than two displays.


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