The performance-infused SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7970 21197-00-CPO video card is based on the award-winning 28 nm GCN architecture, built with high-end components, and loaded with a rich set of AMD technologies (APP Acceleration, HD3D, Cross Fire & Eye finity etc. ), offering all the power you need to drive today’s hottest online games and graphics. Keep you in the fight whatever the circumstances.

Thanks to the include blower fan, you can play at your hearts content for hours. On end with the comfort of knowing that your card is running cool and efficient.

Highly Acclaimed AMD 28 nm GCN Architecture

The SAPPHIRE HD 7970 21197-00-CPO video incorporates the top-of-the-line AMD GPU. Which is built in a new 28 nm process and features the new GCN optimized graphics processing architecture.

Premium AMD HD 7970 GPU

The HD 7970 from AMD has a new internal structure. With 32 compute units and a total of 2048 Stream processors. It delivers core clock speed of 925 MHz. A 384-bit high speed memory interface with over 264 GB/sec memory bandwidth. Connects to a large 3 GB array of the G  D D R 5 memory.

Excellent Cooling Performance

Worried about the blistering heat generated during your game play? Relax. The included blower fan effectively dissipates the heat for superior cooling performance.

Microsoft Direct X 11.1 Support

With full Microsoft Direct X 11.1 support, you get intense gaming performance and unrivaled image quality with stunning 3D visual effects, realistic lighting, and lifelike imagery.

AMD HD3D Technology

Your PC has evolved, offering unprecedented amount of games, photos and movies for you to play, watch, design, create, share and download in 3 D. With the arrival of the latest in 3 D technology, you can enjoy an enhanced visual experience on Stereo 3 D-capable desktops and notebooks powered by AMD H D 3 D Technology.



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